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Rainbow Baby Print

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Image of Rainbow Baby Print
  • Image of Rainbow Baby Print
  • Image of Rainbow Baby Print

Nursery Art to remind us to praise girls for qualities beyond their appearance. Also to encourage both girls and boys to view women as inspiring role models.- thought it should start as early as possible- a mantra for sleepless nights seemed pretty apt.

'May you have the courage of Rosa Parks, the generosity of Mother Teresa, the fortitude of Indira Gandhi, the grace of Anna Pavlova, the vision of Marie Curie, the bravery of Malala Yousafzai, the self belief of Jeanne de Arc, the confidence of Nellie Melba, the positivity of Oprah, the moxie of Ripley, the wit of Mae West, the wisdom of Athena, the self-awareness of Joni M, the smile of Lana Turner, the sassiness of Buffy the mystery of Mona Lisa, the pride of Sinead, the endurance of Madonna, the nous of Esme Weatherwax,the sparkle of Dolly, the prosperity of Queen Victoria, the logic of Temple Grandin, the effervescence of Lucille, the curiosity of Alice, the vim of Doris Day, the might of Boudicca, the drive of Germaine, the eye of Annie Leibovitz, the exhilaration of Amelia Earhart, the power of Venus and Serena.

Be as peace loving as Pocahontas, as inspiring as Toni Morrison, as questioning as Hypatia and have the determination of Wangari Maathai.

Be as vibrant as Josephine Baker, have the smarts of Harriet Tubman, the tenacity of Helen Keller, the words of Virginia Wolf, the heart of Susan B Anthony

Most of all, have the knowledge that you are LOVED

by your family and friends-not for being like all

these exceptional women, but simply for being YOU.'

World Changing you.